Cancer Cytogenetics. Chromosomal And Molecular Genetic Aberrations Of Tumor Cells

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The first three editions of this acclaimed book presented a much-needed conceptual synthesis of this rapidly moving field

New contributors reflecting broader international authorship and even greater expertise Greater emphasis throughout on the clinical importance and application of information about cytogenetic and molecular aberrations Includes a complete coverage of chromosome aberrations in cancer based on an assessment of the 60, 000 neoplasms cytogenetically investigated to date Now produced in full color for enhanced clarity Covers how molecular genetic data PCR-based and sequencing information are collated with the cytogenetic data where pertinent Discusses how molecular cytogenetic data based on studies using FISH, CGH, SNP, etc are fused with karyotyping data to enable an as comprehensive

Now, Cancer Cytogenetics, Fourth Edition, offers a comprehensive, expanded, and up-to-date review of recent dramatic advances in this area, incorporating a vast amount of new data from the latest basic and clinical investigations